YANMAR Diesel UTV semi cab

Brahma Semi Cab UTV

With a built-in front windshield, standard wiper system, and rear window protection, it doesn’t matter how wild the terrain. The under-seat storage space we added can be used for anything – except a clean pair of jeans. With this UTV, you’ll stay fresh and dry no matter how dirty the job.

YANMAR Diesel UTV Green color

Brahma Canopy UTV

The Brahma Canopy UTV  gets the job done well every time, without all the bells and whistles. This model’s hard-top roof protects from falling debris and its powerful engine does the rest. All that’s missing is a sunny day, and a cool breeze!


With a towing capacity of 2000 lbs, and payload capacity of 1400 lbs, the Brahma series can handle construction debris, farm supplies, and anything life throws your way.


The Brahma Diesel UTV standard comes with features and accessories that are add-ons in other diesel UTV models on the market. Why? Because we aren’t a “batteries not included” kind of company. You can expect a large, durable cargo bed, and greater payload and towing capacities that its competitors. Really you can expect everything but the kitchen sink.

When you bring home your factory new Brahma UTV, we want the only thing separating you from a job well done to be the time it takes to lace up your favorite pair of work boots. You made this purchase with a goal in sight, its our job to help you reach it.

For over 100 years, YANMAR has been at the forefront of diesel engine technology, powering the most respected brands in industries all over the globe. Today, that experience is packed into our latest product, the all-new 2019 Brahma Diesel UTV. Brahma is powered by a famously reliable YANMAR three-cylinder diesel engine. Built with work capabilities as the top priority, the Brahma is a purebred work machine with amazing hauling and pulling power that sacrifices nothing to driver comfort. So, hop in the cab, and we’ll take it from here.

With the Brahma UTV’s best-in-class ground clearance, handling and ride quality, it feels more like a performance work vehicle than the rugged piece of utility machinery it is. But don’t let the sleek look and precision handling fool you — the Brahma was designed to inspire operator confidence at any speed, over any terrain, for any job. And when the job is done, the Brahma’s adjustable shock absorbers and long travel independent suspension make it the ideal candidate for a recreational spin around the property, or the county. We’ve pushed the Brahma to our limits, but can it handle yours?

Why is our standard model so decked out? So that you can focus on what you love and forget about the extra shopping. It’s time to forget the phrase, “this item sold separately.”

  • Side mirrors are standard on all models
  • Turn signals are standard on all models
  • Hazard lights are standard on all models
  • Horn is standard on all models
  • Bright projector beam LED headlights are standard on all models
  • Front Bumper is standard on Semi-cab; optional on Canopy models
  • Center rear view mirror is standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models
  • Hard-top roof is standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models
  • Front and Rear Windows are standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models
  • Washer & Wipers are standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models

What do you call 2000 lbs of towing capacity combined with compact dimensions? Versatility.

Engine Type993cc, 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle, Inline Diesel Engine
Bore x Stroke74 mm x 77 mm
Fuel Diesel 10.57 U.S. gal. (40 L)
Transmission TypeCVT
Drive Train4x4/2x4 (turf mode), rear diff lock
Suspension (Front)10.6
Suspension (Rear)10.2
Front Brakes10.1-in disk with twin piston brake caliper
Back Brakes8.7-in disk with twin piston brake caliper
L x W x H134.4 x 65.2 x 77.7
Ground Clearance12.2 in
Bed Capacity1000 lb
Towing Capacity2000 lb


The legendary YANMAR diesel engine. The 2000 lbs of towing capacity. The sleek YANMAR build. You’ve never worked so hard while looking so good. Ready to get your YANMAR UTV? Find your local dealer!