Standard safety features:

Side mirror, Horn, Turn Signal (includes hazard lights), Clear view glass windshield (semi-cab), Rear view mirror (semi-cab).

The Brahma comes with the most standard safety functions of any UTV in the US market.

Side mirrors ensure that whether you are navigating through the job site, or the hunting trails, you are provided with 360° of visibility.

The horn installed to notify other drivers of your position was engineered to pierce through the loud noises of the job site and travel an over expansive farm land.

Turn signals and hazard lights reduce the possibility of accidental collisions, as well as provide you with the ability to notify others of emergencies, or oversized loads, by simple-to-reach hazard signals.

The Semi-CAB also includes clear-view glass windshields to protect from dust, debris, and the elements. It also includes rear-view mirror, to ensure that, even with the more enclosed nature of the Semi-CAB, your rear visibility is not impaired.

Roll-over protective structure (ROPS):
Quick turns are sometimes a necessary UTV maneuver, especially when using your machine on narrow trails. You also may find yourself hauling cargo across uneven ground, or over steep hills. Rest-assured that your UTV was built with all of that in mind.

For your added protection, we have ensured that the standard overhead structure of the Brahma UTV meets the United States OSHA and ISO3471 requirements for rollover protection structures.

Safety Stop (quad hydraulic disc brake system with drilled rotor and twin caliper):
We expect you to push your Brahma to every limit. With a payload capacity of over 1300 lbs., the Brahma is a heavy beast. That weight requires a top-of-the-line break system. Enter the Quad Hydraulic Disc Brake System with Drilled Rotor and Twin Caliper. Installed standard on all Brahma UTVs, you can be sure that no matter your speed or the downward tilt of your terrain, your YANMAR UTV will stop safely, every time.

Job Site friendly accessories (Yellow flash light, Reverse alarm):
The Brahma offers multiple job site friendly accessories. High-powered flashlights provide additional lighting for delicate, or evening jobs. Reverse alarms notify your coworkers that your UTV, most likely with a full payload that may have caused your limited visibility, is backing up.

Semi-cab model with front and rear glass windows:

For greater protection from dust, debris, and the elements, the Semi-Cab Brahma model includes clear-view glass front and rear windows complete with windshield wipers. The durable clear-glass applications ensure optimum visibility in even the harshest weather conditions and over the roughest terrain.


Its YANMAR diesel engine is meant to keep going even when you are ready to call it a day. But if you think you can keep up, with automobile style head-lights, tail-lights, turn signals and hazard lights – sundown will never be the reason that you are forced to pack up and head home.






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