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Kolpin Saw Boot


The last thing that you need when you are traversing over rough terrain, is a flying chain saw. Just as YANMAR UTVs were built to keep you secure and safe, the KOLPIN SAW BOOT keeps your delicate and dangerous equipment safe. The KOLPIN SAW BOOT fits seamlessly in STANDARD GUN BOOT BRACKETS, simply remove your GUN BOOT case and install your SAW BOOT. This carrying boot includes a heat shield for carrying a hot saw.
  • Mounts to your YANMAR UTV with compatible KOLPIN MOUNT and KOLPIN BRACKET (sold separately)
  • Compatible with: KOLPIN® LOOP BRACKETS (20032, 20033), BOOTECTOR BRACKETS (20035, 20350, 20351) and UNIVERSAL BOOT/SAW BRACKET (20200)
  • Secures chainsaws with up to 20" bar
  • Saw can be quickly secured or removed with a bungee tie down
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