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Multi-Mount Winch Mount


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You own a YANMAR UTV, strength and torque have never been your problem. But you can’t ensure that everybody on your team will possess the same power. So, when your teammate is spinning out in the mud, you may need to find it in your heart to lend a helping hand.

The MULTI-MOUNT WINCH MOUNT will allow you to securely attach a winch to our UTV for those quick rescue moments, or just your every-day plowing needs. The mount is made from 3/16” steel sheet metal and tubing with a black powder-coat finish.

  • Enables secure mounting of a winch into a 2” hitch receiver on all BULL SERIES models.
  • Color is consistent with YANMAR UTV style
  • Easy to install


Front receiver hitch>>
Winch >>
Category: Winches and Plows
Part Number: YMA-1XDF28L0V000
Required Items:

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